2018 Achievements

I thought I'd do a post on the things I have achieved, and fears I have faced this year – because believe me, there have been many!

1. Travelling
I thought I'd start with this because this is what I was doing at the beginning of the year. Although I'd made the decision to go travelling in 2017, I did think I'd only last a few months for many reasons – including the fact that I had stayed in one hostel before and wanted the experience to end immediately. I have never even shared a bathroom, and I cried because I was homesick on every school trip. Well pals, I somehow made it through a whole 11 months of minimal luxury and space-sharing, as well as the most difficult time to be away – Christmas and New Year (in a one bedroom apartment with 5 other girls). Lasting this extra time was amazing because it gave me the opportunity to travel New Zealand, Fiji and Bali with three of my best friends – definitely a rare opportunity, especially at 25, and one I will never forget.

2. Starting new jobs
A scary thing, always. And one that I did about a million times in different locations while travelling. And not all roles were ones I was confident and experienced in. I worked in marketing, waitressing, I was a receptionist, a call centre worker and I also worked in administration. Starting new jobs so frequently and in cities we had just arrived in for the first time might have been a bit scary but it gave me so much experience and knowledge of different roles and working environments. I love seeing how people operate in the workplace and how managers handle things. I have witnessed some of the best and worst management techniques in my time (I'm only 25 but have also done a lot of internships) and therefore feel a lot more confident with how to handle myself in the workplace.

3. Going caving
Lol this was unintentional. I was miss-sold by the Kiwi Experience bus driver in NZ who described this activity as 'like a lazy river through a glow worm cave'. It was not, it was caving and it involved jumping backwards off water falls in freezing cold glowworm caves. Somehow though, I didn't have a panic attack and did not request to be removed from the cave, so I'm counting this as a win.

4. Getting my eyes lasered
I don't really think this takes much justifying as to why it was a nerve-wracking thing. It's something I've wanted to do for years and it was scary because it's your eyeballs and they're important, but also the physical sitting in the laser chair was quite unnerving. But anyway, I'm so proud that I managed to get through it without backing out or having a panic attack. And I had to pay and book in advance so not having major anxiety over that time is something I'm thrilled about. My review of the experience is here.

5. Being in a film
Over summer I got asked by the lovely team at North East Times magazine if I would take part in a short, promotional film for Newcastle Airport and AirFrance when I was home from Australia, involving a weekend in Paris. Admittedly, the idea scared me. I've always loved creating content in every form, including film. But I'd never done so professionally (as the subject as well!)  and with people I didn't know. Luckily I got to meet the airport team and filmographer before we did it and they were lovely, so it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life and one I will definitely remember forever. Check out the film here, it's so well put together and I'm very proud to have been involved – and flattered to be asked!

As evidenced here, it admittedly was not the most difficult thing... It largely involved me being filmed in my natural environment

6. Driving again after three years
This fear was by far the silliest. I didn't drive when we got rental cars in Oz, or even when we hired a 'Barbie car' (see below) on the empty roads of Magnetic Island because I was convinced I'd get in and realise I'd forgotten how to do it. So when I got home and bought a car I was nervous, but 5 seconds into my first test run I realised it literally is like riding a bike. I was however, always a bit nervous to drive a bunch of friends around as chatting and driving and paying attention to directions is another thing entirely to me, but I have since done a couple of distance journeys and now do not feel nervous of them at all. Could drive the Queen if required. See my blog post on this and my new car here.

7. Posting a YouTube video
People have been saying I should do them for years but I've heard people mock others for it and it is off-putting. I've created some before but not had the balls to actually upload. And I'm also not sure what kind of long-term content would be interesting for people (so if you have any ideas, do let me know). I've made a couple of make-up vlogs as I always love watching those from other people, but again, didn't upload. I am determined to man up and give it a go though, you do only live once and it's not worth holding back with something you enjoy just because you're worried about what other people might think, right? Also, getting back to the one I did upload, it's a laser eye surgery review and I bit the bullet and did it with this subject because I found vlogs on it so helpful when I was going through it. Especially because everyone's experience is different and you can't see right after so it's cool to be able to listen to something. The vid is here.

I'd love to hear what you have achieved in 2018 for a bit of inspo! Or what your resolutions are for 2019 as I still haven't completely decided on mine... I've got a few hours! x

Festive Fashion Wish List 2018

Seeing as it's December and therefore the perfect excuse to invest in all things sparkly, jazzy and generally OTT I thought I'd put together a little festive fashion wish list.

I've called it 'festive fashion' rather than party wear, because it covers things like Christmas day options (I'm thinking the blazer, midi skirt, flares and silk top etc) and most of it you can dress up or down for pretty much any occasion. I've always been a fan of separates for this reason!

The only item I have invested in so far this season is this jumpsuit, it got so many compliments. The best one being that my friend wished she could borrow it to go see an ABBA show in – fashion goals achieved!

It really is beaut though, isn't it? I just wish there was a petite version as it doesn't fit me very well but YOLO.

Scroll down for this wish list (and to see how this jumpsuit looks on a lengthy model rather than myself!) xxx

UK fashion blogger party wear 2018
UK fashion blogger topshop geo jumpsuit 2018


UK fashion blogger topshop geo jumpsuit 2018


LASEK laser eye surgery

I had LASEK at Optimax in Newcastle two months ago and have since experienced the ups and downs of the recovery. During my first week all I wanted to do was watch (well, listen to) YouTube videos to hear what other people had experienced at the stage I was at. So here I've put together the ups and downs from surgery day to today (two months later), as it seems everyone's experience is different.

If you've had it, please share your experience too – I'd love to hear!