My Top 5 Podcasts

As mentioned in this video, I got into podcasts when I had laser eye surgery because my recovery involved being more blind than ever and having to avoid looking at screens for a week so all in all, it seemed like the best, and frankly only, entertainment option.

Anyway, I'm weirdly grateful for being somewhat forced into them because I've since been listening non-stop since while carrying out mundane tasks such as getting ready, tidying up and making food (I say 'making food' rather than 'cooking' because being honest, haven't cooked a decent meal since getting back home and living with my parents).

While I started with intense and highly recommended murder investigation podcasts, I soon drifted and found my niche; wellbeing (I like things that are both entertaining but also have take-aways for self-improvement).

Here, I've compiled my top 5 from those murder mystery early days to my current entertaining and informative go-tos.


1. Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee 
This amazing podcast by Dr Rangan Chatterjee, who has written two books and features in BBC's Doctor in the House, has weekly episodes featuring guests from across the health and wellbeing industries, all of whom he converses with about health, happiness, stress and generally just getting more from life. His conversations are always interesting and exciting, but my main reason for loving them is his focus on ensuring each provides the listener with practical advice they can apply to their own lives and situations. For example, if you're vegan and the guest is advising a high protein diet – Dr Chatterjee would ensure the guest explained the best way of achieving it within those parameters.


2. Serial (Series 1)

This was the first podcast I listened to. My friends had listened to it while travelling, so to be honest, it's the only one that had really entered my radar. It's a murder investigation theme following the mysterious death of a high school student in America. I only listened to series 1 because it was one whole story rather than episodes featuring different tales/topics as the second two (I think) series are. Like with Teacher's Pet (below) I was gripped and just wanted to get to the end.

3. The Teacher's Pet

This comes in second because it kept me totally enthralled and distracted while my eyeballs were undergoing painful healing transformations. It's a weird tale, and has resurfaced as a court case thanks to this podcast which brought it to global attention and highlighted the need for further investigation (and actually includes a lot of investigation). Essentially, an Australian wife and mother 'went missing' without a trace and no one really questioned whether or not it was suspicious despite the fact her husband, a teacher, was having an affair with one of his students whom he moved in pretty much as soon as his wife disappeared. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

Girly chat and love

4. Millenial Love
In this podcast, two millenial members of The Independent's lifestyle team chat dating situations we face these days including navigating Tinder, Bumble and Hinge etc (along with hilarious real life anecdotes). It's funny, relatable and honestly feels like you're chatting with your friends. Episode titles include 'Breaking the stigma of being (perpetually) single', 'How do you know when to walk away from someone?' and 'Social media stalking and how to escape a bad date' – LOL.  Whether you're single, dating, in a long-term relationship or simply intrigued by the wondrous world of millennial love lives, this podcast is worth a listen. I learned a lot from this, including what 'Zombie-ing' is and that it has happened to me on multiple occasions.

Comedy/political satire

5. Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
I enjoy the Friday Night Comedy podcast from BBC Radio 4 because, especially in the current age of Brexit, it's genuinely hilarious. It's a satirical take on the week's political events which to be honest, is my preferred way of catching up with what's been going on – I tend to get most of my political updates directly from the comedic satire. Best keep things light-hearted.

Let me know if you have any further podcast recommendations!

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