10 pieces of advice I'd give to my teenage self

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While I may still be mistaken for a teenager on occasion, I am in fact now six whole years out of teenage life. Sad, but true. And at my ripe old age of 26 I've come to realise, after speaking to friends in their mid-twenties, too, that while we unfortunately haven't grown at all physically (well, in height at least), we've grown so much mentally. I honestly find it so bizarre to think how much I lacked in confidence and worried about stupid things as a teenager. So I thought I'd share my top 10 pieces of advice I'd give to my teenage self (I'm thinking early teens, tbf)...

1. You'll have days when you feel ugly af and consider plastic surgery, and days where you're really feeling yourself. Ignore them both, you're neither ugly nor the best thing since sliced bread. You'll soon learn not to take either feeling seriously.

2. Don't worry about your future career. Work hard, do what you enjoy, take chances, say yes to opportunities and you'll get to where you want to be, even if you didn't know it's where you wanted to be.

3. You'll grow in confidence. As you get older you'll worry less about what others think of you and you'll come to recognise your worth a lot more.

4. Stick to your guns and stay true to yourself. Whether it's a choice of what to wear, like when you asked your friend's opinion on what to wear for your 18th, took it and regretted it ever since, or a bigger life decision, you ain't gonna be happy with it unless it's YOUR decision.

5. Stop believing everyone else's opinion is more worthy. You have an idea, someone has a different one and immediately you think theirs must be better. Nope, not necessarily. Your opinions and ideas are just as likely to be the best ones as theirs are.

6. If someone doesn't treat you how you think they should, cut your losses and distance yourself earlier rather than later, you may think it's too painful, or too much emotional admin, but it'll only be harder later on.

7. Don't worry about the fact you're scared to be away from home or go on sleepovers, you'll grow out of it and end up going travelling and living in shared hostel rooms for almost an entire year.

8. Collect good people along the way. While you should drop those who make you sad, make extra effort to keep in touch with those who bring a smile to your face. Whether you catch up once a month or once a year, don't let the good ones go.

9.  Don't get the fringe.

10. There really are better things you could be doing with your time than manoeuvring virtual penguins and humans around virtual worlds. Log out of Habbo Hotel/Club Penguin and join the gym.

Yep, you could definitely be spending your time more productively

You will NOT be this flat-chested forever

Your first car will hold a special place in ur heart 4eva but the Lourdes bracelet will not
You think you'll never get over your first crush, R Patz, but you will. 

This is not cool and should never have been posted to Facebook. Take the wristbands off

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