Supplements: what I take & why

While everyone has varying nutritional needs and health goals, I've been an advocate of doing the best for my body and appearance my whole life, basically, and have therefore carried out a lot of research in this field. Hopefully the information I've learned, which has led me to take the below supplements, will be useful to you.

My personal goals with vitamins are pretty much:

  • Make sure I'm not lacking in vitamins (so a backup essentially)
  • Get great hair, skin and nails
  • Improve digestion, bloating and other such internal functions 

Multivitamins – for overall nutritional backup
While it's important to eat a varied and nutritious diet, I admittedly don't achieve it with as much success as I should so I like to take a standard multvit as a back up.

Zinc – for skin and breakouts
Zinc is great for your skin so I like to chuck this in and take it when I remember. High Strength Zinc, £2.99 Holland & Barrett 

Probiotics – generally keeps your body working the way it should
It's important to ensure your body has enough good bacteria, especially if you've taken antibiotics, which I have on and off for years for my skin, so I like to take probiotics now and again when I get a gut feeling (lol) that I need a good bacteria boost... The 'gut feeling' is usually when I'm more bloated or fall ill or I get worse breakouts or whatever than usual. Mega Potency Acidophilus Probiotics, £6.39 Holland & Barrett

Fibre – for bloating, digestive health, nutrient absorption, cholesterol and inflammation
I was kindly sent Encapsulate's Multi-Fibre Nutritional Complex by the team there and can honestly say it has genuinely made a significant difference. I often get IBS-like symptoms and not only does it help with those by aiding digestion, it helps nutrient absorption, cholesterol and inflammation. I took it for over a month, and noticed waaay less bloating, then stopped for a couple of weeks while I was away and after a while it got worse again. Multi-Fibre Nutritional Complex, £30.55 Encapsulate